Hello and welcome to the web site of
John Dalgliesh
everyone is like you

I live in Sydney.

My email account at is named 'johnd'.

Some things I'm interested in:

Tap and log USB transactions from Mac OS X.
Userspace Driver Market
Discovery, matching, and publishing for userspace drivers. Three less reasons to put a driver in the kernel.
Access to Apple's private API for MPEG2 acceleration using the GPU.
UTF-8 Output for Pine
A small patch to enable UTF-8 output in Pine.
iTele and the MultiMedia Input Family
Drivers and software for digital TV and HDTV on the Mac. Many input PCI cards and USB boxes are supported. There are even forums.
Civ III Hack
A quick hack to run Civilization III on any sized screen.
I263 QuickTime Codec
QuickTime component for the I263 video codec. Mac OS 8-9 and Classic.
Antivirus program for System 7-Mac OS 9 and Classic.
Slipped Disk Software
Freeware games with teenage enthusiasm. System 7-Mac OS 9 and Classic.

December 2008Two months in South America
September 2008Two weeks in New Zealand
March 2007Four months in China and two in Europe
May 2006Third trip to Réunion Island (launching Dark and Light)
6th Dec 2005Finished work at Micro Forté / BigWorld
April 2004First trip to Réunion Island with photos
July 2000Trip to Europe with photos
Feb 2000Started work at Micro Forté