Accellent embodies a reverse engineering of the IDCT hardware acceleration APIs in Mac OS X.

For an introduction and further information please read the readme.

And please note that this program is a proof of concept and as such is not intended for use by general users. At some stage I plan to integrate it with my digital TV app iTele, so everyone can benefit from it. Especially all those people with Mac minis that want to watch HDTV on them properly :)


9/01/2006: Release v0.3.1 which sizes the window to the correct aspect ratio, disposes some memory it no longer needs, and should run under Panther again.
Download Accellent v0.3.1

8/01/2006: Released v0.3 which no longer relies on DVDPlayback.framework at all! This means no substituting Panther frameworks and no hunting for appropriately-sized VIDEO_TS folders. So now the reverse engineering of the DVDVideo API is complete.
Download Accellent v0.3

7/01/2006: Released v0.2 with support for resolutions up to 1920x1088 (i.e. 1080i/p and most everything smaller): Download Accellent v0.2
Requires some Dummy VIDEO_TS folders and DVDPlayback.framework from Panther if you want to get it to work in Tiger (read the readme).

6/01/2006: source updated for changes in Tiger. Doesn't work 100% yet due to DVDPlayback never deciding to run on the GPU :(. Define PANTHER at the top if you want to run it with the Panther DVDPlayback framework again.
11/04/2005: The first version of Accellent: Download Accellent v0.1