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Agax is an expandable free Mac antivirus program. It offers both standard virus-scanning facilities and more advanced background protection - so you don't get infected in the first place. Click on one of the links below to download Agax.

Download Agax v1.3.2 in MacBinary II format* or BinHex format.
(These links last changed on 28/4/2002. The files at old links are replaced with a small app saying so.)
* MacBinary II is smaller, but some browsers haven't been set up to handle it properly.

Latest News

This is the first update to the Agax site in over four years, and will probably be the last. I think it's safe enough now to make a few things clear:
28/4/2002: 20/02/2002: 10/7/1999: Old news


The virus-fighting capabilites of Agax are determined by which 'Additives' are installed. (Additives are just like plugins, but more important). You get all the current Additives when you download the Agax program (see links above). You can download and read about Additives and the nasties they deal with by viewing the Additives Index.

There is also an Additive SDK available for people interested in writing their own new Additives. Agax can look up an authentication web page to verify that its Additives haven't been damaged or hijacked. If you want your Additives on this page then please let me know!

Note that this approach of using specific Additives means Agax can only protect against known viruses. To give your computer some protection from new and unknown viruses, and suspicious behaivour in general, try the programs Tracker, DelProtect, and Scanner offered by Ioannis Galidakis.


Most experienced Mac users will not need to read this - and most users won't anyway - but if you've run into problems or are after more information, then you can read the manual right here.


If you have any problems with Agax that can't be solved by reading the manual, then feel free to email me. Also, if you run into an interesting new virus (note: NOT a Word/Excel/etc macro virus ... if you have to use these programs look elsewhere for your virus protection - and if you do so by choice then you get what you deserve!), then you can email it to me also.

John Dalgliesh

Last updated 17/8/2006