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Ping Pong Deluxe
(Sun 10 Apr 1994, 510k)

Ever get the urge to once again play that famous old "Pong" game from the dawn of video history? No? We don't either. That's why we made Ping Pong Deluxe. The very first game from Slipped Disk Software.

Combine the traditional Pong format with digital sound, groovy graphics, a full music score as well as offensive weaponry available on the fly- and you've got the quintessential two-player game brought to a whole new level.

Download our very first game- a piece of history! And, of course- IT'S FREE!

Clash of the Dark
(Thu 4 Aug 1994, 396k)

A two player fighting game for all macs everywhere, and Slipped Disk Software's second game- just the thing for a spot of impromptu rage between friends. Clash boasts all the features of the modern fighting game- melee attacks, air attacks, secret moves and (gasp!) even the dreaded fatality!

Frantic, often hilarious, but always fun- Clash of the Dark has developed into a modest cult- check out an unofficial (but we love it) Clash website - and while you're waiting, download the game now!

(Thu 30 Jun 1994, 567k)

Originally an independent production- Sirtet soon established itself as a zany implementation of the age-old puzzle game. In addition, Sirtet boasted a few extra features its more sober counterparts just didn't have- such as live head-to-head play (incorporating penalties) better piece maneuvering and two distinctly different graphics sets. Get the full story- download it now!

Calciné 1.5
(Sat 30 Nov 1996, 1MB)

Slipped Disk Software's first mammoth project- almost a year in production, now in its third incarnation- Calciné is a 1-10 player tank battle strategy game- undoubtedly the best in its class. If features over 16 seperate weapons, compatability for any size monitor, bone shattering sound effects and unlimited variations of landscape, wind, and wall behaviour.

No two games of Calciné are the same- no game ends without someone's emotions in tatters- play over a modem or network connection using Apple's Comms Toolbox! Calciné is a must have for anyone who has friends, and desperately wants to lose them.

Sirtet Voyager
(Sun 20 Oct 1996, 3.7MB)

Slipped Disk Software's latest and greatest venture- over, above and beyond its predecessor and sporting the most professional interface and gameplay yet!

Over 100 levels of increasing difficulty- featuring beautiful graphics and photography from all over the world- hilarious sound effects, a full-blown tournament architecture for up to 16 players, two completely new pieces, scores of easter eggs and much much more!

A fully-featured preview of Sirtet Voyager will soon be available on this site.

(Thu 18 Aug 1994, 155k)

Magic is an extraordinary little program which allows you to easily create 3-Dimensional stereogram images such as those featured in the Magic Eye series and countless postcards all over the world.

Magic gives you the tools to merge graphics together to create wonderful 3D illusions and use them wherever you like. It was one of the first of this style of program available on the Mac. Add magic to your collection of graphics tools today. Fast, fun, wonderful, and FREE!

Moddah 1.6
(Fri 10 Jun 1994*, 60k)

Originally designed for personal use, Moddah gives you all the major features of a mod player without a bad appetite for RAM. Moddah works quickly, easily and handles multiple-item playlists easily. It runs in the background, and does not graphically intrude with other applications running. Moddah is the best solution to playing Mods on your macintosh.

*: release date of version 1.1. Version 1.6 was released on Tue 15 Apr 1997, but represents no changes in implementaion or user interface from the original version (still 68k). Watch out for a better module player coming soon.

Chrissie 1994
(Sun 18 Dec 1994, 213k)

Each year, Slipped Disk Software produces a small 'Christmas' program (or present, as we call it) for the purposes of summing up our activities that year, as well as just saying thankyou to everyone who has supported us. This was the first ever Slipped Disk Software Christmas present. A simple affair, but worth downloading.

Chrissie 1995
(Sun 17 Dec 1995, 708k)

Slipped Disk Software's second Christmas Present sported a 3D Tree, heart-pounding interlacing and guest star programmer!

Chrissie 1996
(Tue 24 Dec 1996, 1MB)

Slipped Disk Software's third present- known as RenderChrissie features a fully rendered christmas scene, as well as the usual bits, pieces and hidden things for which Slipped Disk Software is renowned.

PPD PPD for PowerBooks
(Sun 22 May 1994, 9k)

Lets powerbook owners play PPD without attaching a numberpad

Sirtet Sirtet 1.1
(Fri 10 Nov 1995, 15k)

Adds a 'Key Setup' dialog box to the original Sirtet

Sirtet Voyager Sirtet Voyager 1.1
(Sat 18 Jan 1997, 134k)

Adds the option of a block position indicator to help align blocks for long drops

Homer 1.4
(Sun 13 Mar 1994, 176k)

Once popular, now illegal

Homer 2.0
(Fri 7 Oct 1994, 383K)

As above

Homer 2.1
(Sun 16 Oct 1994, 383K)

As above

*Easy Download: See also Contradiction in Terms