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10/3/1999: 27/2/1999: 25/2/1999: Note: v1.1 and v1.0 interfaces are cross compatible, but you will only get the new features (more informative reporting, Additives can condemn files) if you use v1.1 Additives with v1.1 of Agax.


Agax is very loosely based on Antigax, my first antivirus program, which dealt with only one virus ('Graphics Accelerator', or 'Sevendust E'). When another virus came along, I decided the program needed a bit of a revamp interface-wise and expandability-wise. After much work over Christmas I finally got Agax to the state you see it in today (the interface always seems to be 90% of the work!).

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Last updated 14/6/1999