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Well, it's finally here. I think I've stretched the deifnition of 'Real Soon Now' about as far as it will go, so here is the Additive SDK, which currently consists of a header file Agax.h and an example Additive CODE9811 project and source (CW11 format).

I was going to write a nice user-friendly document here describing exactly how each of the calls works and its ramifications, but once again I really don't have the time. But if I get lots of questions then I will ... or maybe turn this page into some sort of FAQ (TechNotes anyone?). I'm currently assuming that if you know how to analyze a virus you know how to write a 68K plugin.

There are a few points worth mentioning however that I don't believe you could pick up from the header file and example:

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Last updated 28/4/2002