Authenticated Additive Directory

This page contains checksum information used by Agax to validate Additives. It does not contain any user-friendly information, but I felt it was important to have it linked to the main site.

Anyone who has written an Additive and would like to have it added here then by all means get in touch with me - this mechanism is present only to eliminate the possibility of a trojan in the form of an Additive, not to discourage potential bona-fide authors!

While many other Mac programs which make use of plugins are also at risk of hosting such an attack, people would be more likely (hopefully) to trust new Agax Additives, and I wanted to ensure that such trust would not be abused.

This partly explains the delay in the release of the SDK (although it is certainly not impossible to write an Additive without the SDK), which was put off until I came up with some authentication scheme. This has the advantage of not using keys, public or otherwise, so there is no target to attack - except my account - and that would be a lot of trouble to go to just to tap into a trust base of unknown consistency. Besides, anyone with such skills could doubtless find many much easier targets to disseminate a virus.

Additive Version Release Date Author Checksum
CODE9811 1.0 23/2/1999 John Dalgliesh 6A9E39126DFC0D9AA20DE5501AD0E632
SevenDust 1.4 14/6/1999 John Dalgliesh 3F0DB32351274FF5C88CBEBE53B6E098
SevenDust 1.3 10/3/1999 John Dalgliesh FED2CFC295B133C04E83179B698BAAB3
AutoStart 1.0 10/7/1999 John Dalgliesh B2A17C0D32097CF56E462D6DB4FF50C2
AutoStart 1.0b1 23/2/1999 John Dalgliesh 56571A2C6DAF0F6E95FAAD43528AAB30

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Last updated 28/4/2002